Silvermoon Studio / News, Promos & Ideas / September 03, 2021

Online Bridal Fair with Silvermoon Studio

Silvermoon Studio Philippines is the 1st Korean Indoor and Outdoor Studio in the Philippines.

We take pride pride in giving the highest quality of pictures every client need. Aside from the quality of products and services we also offers the luxury of convenience to our guests and future clients.

We strongly encourage you to visit our studio for you can see the beauty and elegance our company is offering.



We are a proud exhibitor of  WEDDING EXPO PHILIPPINES BLENDED BRIDAL FAIR - Sept. 2021 , the Philippines' first and only bridal fair  to combine both an online and a person-to-person expo experience for soon-to-wed couples planning their wedding. 

This event produced & organized by Themes & Motifs, the Philippines' most prestigious bridal fair organizer featuring the country's popular wedding professional and their CataBlogs (catalog of blogs of special packages and promos) #BrideGroomBlowout2021   Check out our promos, special offers, and message us to find out how we can make your intimate wedding extra special. Register here for FREE

WEDDING EXPO PHILIPPINES BLENDED BRIDAL FAIR,  uses a proprietary software which conveniently gathers in one place discounts, special offers, and wedding ideas uploaded by LEGITIMATE (DTI/SEC-registered) wedding professionals themselves.

Soon-to-weds can choose the best suppliers for their wedding through system-provided chat/text/call/email buttons right in the comfort of their own homes and with the people they trust in helping them make create their dream team of wedding suppliers.  Or they may see actual samples, mock ups, and in person portfolio at the on ground event.  Perfect for wedding planning in this season of the pandemic.

WEDDING EXPO PHILIPPINES BLENDED BRIDAL FAIR, is part of the ongoing online bridal fair nationwide roadshow of Themes & Motifs to get the wheels of the local wedding economy moving again through responsible, creative, safe, and instagrammable celebrations.