Themes & Motifs Online / Weddings That Inspire / June 14, 2020

#LoveWins: Have a wedding, but make it COVID-free

Filipinos Jim and Jerahcel Gerona will have you retracting all the “walang forever”s you’ve said, and have you believing in LDR instead. After all, the couple survived a 9-year long-distance relationship, with Jerahcel working in Adventist Medical Center in Bacolod, while Jim was in Manila.

When they figured it was high time to get married, life threw them a curveball in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, which greatly affected their wedding plans. So instead of holding  the wedding as planned on 8th April, they got married in the hospital’s conference room on 12th April, where they deemed it safer than having a wedding in a more public area. 

With Jim dressed up in a suit and Jerahcel in her wedding gown, the couple still observed COVID-19 protocol. They, along with the wedding presider and the guests, wore face masks, while the guests observed social distancing, sitting apart from one another.

Article credit: The Smart Local PH
Image credit: Adventist Medical Center – Bacolod