Themes & Motifs Online / Weddings That Inspire / June 14, 2020

#LoveWins: From Suits and Gowns to Shirts & Jeans

For most brides, your wedding seems like the one and only time to go all out and dress yourself up in jewels and intricately designed dresses, and to surround yourself  with extravagant decorations and flowers. 

However, Filipinan April Rose Noora traded all of that for a simple marriage with the love of her life, Jed Cargullo.

The two are OFWs from New Zealand who came home to have their dream wedding surrounded by their family and friends. The said wedding had been in the planning stages for 2 years, and was supposed to be held on 27th March. But with the quarantine imposed in Metro Manila starting on 14th March, the wedding had to be canceled.

The couple visited their church the day before the lockdown to ask for advice on what to do, before deciding to just get married right then and there – jeans, shirts, sneakers, and all – at the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The only witness was the priest who presided over their marriage ceremony, but the exchange of “I do”s and a lifetime commitment to each other was enough for them.

Article credit: The Smart Local PH
Image credit: April Rose Noora