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8 Practical Tips Before You Propose

Make sure to go through this before you pop the question!

The love month means many of us are thinking of getting down on one knee, so we came up with a short list to help you before you ask the biggest question of your life. Read on for eight tips before you propose!

1. Make sure you’re on the same page.

Have you talked marriage with your girlfriend yet? Before proposing, it would good to have initial conversations on where you both see yourselves in the future and what you want for the future. We trust that open communication in your relationship has allowed you to talk about–even if not in detail–what kind of life you want, whether you see yourselves having kids or not, where you want to live, financial plans, etc.

If you’re yet to have this conversation, make a game date out of it! Here’s a list from The New York Times we think is fun.

2. Talk to the parents.

This is a big step, especially for our context. We often call this “getting the parents’ blessing”. We highly suggest that you first talk to your own parents about your plans for marriage, then speak to your lady love’s parents. This part may be extra tricky these days to make sure that you don’t get caught together without her. Or else she’ll get a clue as to what comes next. Exercise your creativity and persevering spirit when you set a date to meet her parents.

We won’t pretend–this might be one of the more nerve wracking experiences you’ll have in your life even if you do have a good relationship with your future in laws. Here’s our vote of confidence: this step is worth all the trouble. It can help make the next steps, not just of the proposal but of your lives, go much smoother.

Small tip: Try not to arrive empty handed! A simple gift might be a nice gesture.

3. Buy the ring!

Woohoo! You must have been thinking about this step all this time. And it’s just as exciting as you imagine. Visiting stores or jewelers is still the best way for you to make your final decision. You can initially look around online for ideas, and maybe even the online stores or accounts. But we do suggest being able to see the engagement ring before buying it, as much as possible.

If you worry that you don’t know which one would suit your girlfriend best or which she’d love, you can ask (in confidence) her closest friend or sibling for some help. Talking to jewelers or brand’s sales associates also help in this are as they have much experience in helping guys choose the ring for their girlfriends. They’ll probably ask for a few photos of her to help them see what her style might be, and yes even the ring size.

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4. Get personal and take notes.

Okay so now it’s time to think of the actual proposal! We suggest that you think of your unique love story and your personalities to come up with your plan. She will surely love how much thought you put into your plan when all she sees all the details. It doesn’t need to be extravagant or grand, especially if this isn’t in your personalities. Consider where she’ll feel most comfortable.

If you are not accustomed to sharing your feelings, we suggest writing it down or taking notes. You can give her a letter she can read before you ask the big “Will you marry me?” or it can serve as notes to guide you before your big speech (if this is what works for you).

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5. Consider hiring a professional.

For a proposal? Yes!

Professionals can help you capture the moment and execute the moment without a hitch. This is especially helpful in scenarios where the proposal is grand or has a number of elements that must go according to plan. This way, you won’t have the burden of making it happen, or even your friends or relatives who may be caught up in the emotion and miss the timing.

Couples have booked professional photographers and videographers to help capture the moment, stylists to dress up venues, and musicians. For the execution, wedding planners also double as proposal planners/coordinators, no problem!

6. Plan a celebration.

You don’t have to throw a reception. Something simple like a bottle of champagne to toast with and drink if you’re having a private moment, or maybe a meal to share with your closest friends and relatives who are invited to the proposal with you. This step can also be delegated to whoever is part of your “proposal team” if you want less things to think of on the day. There’s more than enough nerves for you as the groom-to-be!

7. Be flexible.

Things may not go according to plan, even with the simplest of plans. It’s important for you to remember to be flexible. The weather might be bad or your girlfriend might run late–breathe. Relax. Roll with the punches. Your moment will come and you’ll be able to ask for her hand in marriage, even if some things don’t go exactly as planned. Enjoy your moment!

8. Don’t rush it.

Just as we mentioned in the previous point, your moment will come. Allow yourselves to enjoy the day you’ve planned, there’s no need to rush asking the question if you don’t feel the timing is right. You’ll know when it’s time and proceeding calmly will allow for you both to take it all in. Yes, even if it might cause your plans to adjust. Remember, this is for both of you. All the other things can wait.

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Photo by Jesus Arias from Pexels